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Triathlon is one of the best things that has happened to bicycling. Many people who were runners and swimmers, or just people wanting to challenge themselves in a race against the clock, have taken up the Swim, Bike, Run phenomenon. I think it is super as it brings a different type of person into cycling. There is much to learn, however, and I have always been adding to my "triathlon bank" of information. When cyclists dabble in triathlons, they are already good cyclists and running is relatively easy to learn. I remember when I was a full-time Category 2 bike racer in Dallas, I found a "Thursday Night Group" of runners at White Rock Lake in Dallas who seemed to be having a great time running and then going to a place after to drink Beer and eat. I did some 10K runs and found it easy enough to get […]

A recent survey showed that 22 percent of Americans considered health care to be the single most critical issue facing the US today. And for good reason. Since 2000, health-care costs have nearly doubled, rising at five times the rate of salary increases. The good news is that there are things that families can do to lower those costs. Signature up for an HMO If yours is a healthy family that only uses a lot of routine care, you can probably get by with a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, if such a plan is available at your workplace. If you use doctors within the HMO network, you probably will not have to pay and deductibles and your co-pays will most likely be lower. Pay less for medications One area where you might be able to trim health-care costs is in medicines. Many employers are offering financial incentives to encourage […]

If you are a chocolate lover like I am, you're probably looking for any excuse at all to delve into your greatest guilty pleasure. Yet, there is actually scientific evidence that shows we do not have to feel so guilty … not when it's dark chocolate. I had heard for some time of the benefits of eating dark chocolate, but I had no idea that they were as beneficial as they are. I searched over a few websites like Fitday, WebMD, and Huffington Post to dig up lots of fascinating facts that make me feel great about eating every bite. Here's the skinny: Health Benefits: Cocoa solids have compounds called flavonoids that are healthy for you because they are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit other molecules from gaining oxygen or losing electrons (called oxidation). Oxidation is closely associated with free radical damage, so antioxidants […]

Belly dancing students have a lot of fun learning the movements of this beautiful art form of dancing. It is a fun discipline because both students and dancers enjoy this form of freelance dancing. This dance is unlike repetitive exercises which are boring and make you feel that you are laboring grudgingly. The dancer stretches, tightens and releases, flexes and contracts, and vibrates muscle tissues in order to accomplish the various movements from selected areas of the body. While interpreting the rhythms she is burning body fat. toning muscles, and redistributing the body’s appearance for a personalized physical fitness. There is so much fun having the body freely move and respond to the exotic music that a person wants to keep dancing. Exercising to music or dancing is appealing because physical, mental, and psychological satisfaction can be gained by marking time with your favorite rhythms. The proof of one’s accomplishment […]

Most people at one point in their life suffer from chronic pain in some form or another. The most common are low back pain and headaches. The most common solution is to just take an aspirin. Have you ever wondered if there are certain lifestyle choices that are causing your headaches or migraines? There are many causes for headaches and migraines, but one of the leading causes is stress. Stress manifests itself in many different ways in the body. Some people will suffer from anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, weight gain and others will get migraines or headaches. Improper Diet – For some foods such as dairy, gluten, chocolate, soy, soda, shellfish can trigger headaches and migraines. You can either order an expensive allergy test from your doctor or you can just cut out that food for five days and then reintroduce the food later. This is the least expensive and […]

The reason adults run in the name of fitness is because of what they hear as they get old. I look at children; If you told a child to go run do you think they would jog or sprint? Well, having four kids my kids never jogged anywhere. When I was young we ran hard than walked to get where we had to go. Jogging is the old person way to fitness. The reason we slow down as we age is because we train to become slow. We lose fast twitch muscle fibers by training slowly for years that is the reason when you reach your forties, fifties and beyond you worry about injury and you tend to move slower. So what do you expect to happen over years of slow training? Your body will adapt to slow training. There is no law that says you have to train slowly […]

Cats are independent creatures happy to purr in your lap for a while only to jump down to investigate the food bowl or conduct one of many daily grooming sessions. Most cat health issues arise due to conditions the cat encounters outside your home or contagious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. Cats confined indoors have fewer heath problems but there are some issues that are common to all cats. Hairballs Cat hairballs are seldom dangerous but can be messy and annoying. The problem is most often seen in cats with long, thick fur. When grooming, the cat ingests loose hair. Much of the hair may pass through the digestive tracts with no problem. However, the cat’s fur can also form into a ball in the animal’s stomach. For the feline, this is uncomfortable and he may eat grass in an attempt to force vomiting to relieve the discomfort. […]

It sees as if the health of America is failing. One million Americans will die of circulatory disease this year. Six hundred thousand lives will be cut short by cancer as well. How did we get in such a mess? I'm not sure. But there is a way out that is starting to generate a real buzz! Since CNN and the gang will not talk about it I decided to write is article. Dear readers, I want to introduce you to the most nutrient dessert food on the earth; Wolfberries, or more specifically Lycium Barbarum. The western scientific community have verified what Chinese and Tibetan health practitioners have known for thousands of years. Wolfberries are the healthiest known food on our planet. In this report I will be talking specifically about wolfberries. In my research on the subject I found that not all wolberries are created equal. The three most […]

When you are trying to lose weight, be healthy, and simply live a lifestyle that is good for your mind, body, and spirit, what you put into your body has a huge impact on your overall health. You want to be sure that what you eat or drink provides some benefit to your health, which is why fitness drinks are so important. They provide your body with the proper nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness drinks contain ingredients that work along your body and promote good health and a healthy attitude. Skinny Water is one of these fitness drinks. The ingredients in Skinny Water, Super CitriMax and ChromeMate, work along your body to promote good health. They help control your hunger, keep a level blood sugar, and regulate your metabolism. With these three factors in place, Skinny Water is able to help you lose weight and keep it off. […]

When you think about losing weight, working out is usually the first thing that comes to mind, along with dieting most of the times. Obviously, this is with a reason, working out plays a huge role in weight loss. Here we’ll find out a couple of things you need to know when you want to start working out for weight loss. Always start small When you haven’t worked out for years and suddenly want to start hitting the gym five days a week, you are setting yourself up for failure. Not only do your muscles need to be build up slowly, your mind also needs to accustom to your new routine and make a habit out of it. So, it’s a better idea to start with working out one or two days a week and stick to light exercises in the week. Yoga or walking can be a great place […]